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Thermoset roof, also known as EPDM roofing, is versatile, long-lasting, and easy to maintain as compared to other types of commercial roofs. Constructed from a single-ply rubber material, it comes with a simple installation process and has a strong resistance to ozone and ultraviolet light. EPDM roofs also have other benefits, including resistance to some solvents, acids, and alcohol, flexibility in colder temperatures, and reflective properties that can help reduce cooling expenses. Whether your roof covers textiles or tenants, machinery or merchandise, products or patients, you need confidence and peace of mind knowing everything will remain safe and dry.
As a leader in the commercial roofing industry, success is based primarily on our talented and dedicated staff and their customer-driven focus that places service at the top of our priority list. Delivering unparalleled service requires great employees who are focused on going above and beyond to serve our valued customers. Polyvinyl chloride roofing materials come with a high upfront cost. However, the energy-efficient PVC materials feature fire retardant properties.
Safety risks including perimeter walls, skylights, decking, and merely exposure to the natural elements can scream the risk of injuries. You have a choice among the leading roof systems and we install them all while keeping your building watertight. Reliable Roofing is also a proud member of the National Roofing Contractors Association . We are fully licensed and bonded to deliver maximum peace of mind to our business customers. Reliable Roofing is also known for our use of the best industry materials in every project, including Turbo-Set Roof Coating.
We had great communication with the client throughout the process, we did encounter a hiccup where we did needs to change order for additional drains. It did cause our finish date to be pushed back some time, but the job was finished correctly in a timely manner. It was a challenge itself and the challenges mother nature brought us during the course of the 60 day project were difficult and this was only phase one.
Still, they usually have no issues doing it because of their safety equipment and years of experience. Roofing contractors need to inspect and maintain commercial building roofs every six months. They also have a dedicated roofing contractor that makes scheduled visits to the building without the building owner to call them unless it’s an emergency. Any damage to the roof can potentially cause extensive damage to the commercial building, which also means expensive repairs.
Having a presence ready for them will undoubtedly funnel some commercial roofing leads your way. You have a major advantage over startups if you already own a domain name and a Google Business Profile. You can hire a website design and SEO agency to optimize your website and start ranking for various commercial roofing keywords. Targeting a commercial audience for leads can be quite challenging, especially if your roofing company is relatively new.
From raw material selection throughout the manufacturing process to the installation and warranting of their products, responsibility is at the heart of everything they do. Firestone’s wide array of building envelope solutions represents high quality and deep commitment to the environment. Barrie Roofing owns a 50,000 sq ft medical building with a Singly Ply Commercial Roofing System that had leaks in various places inside the building. We contacted the manufacturer regarding an existing warranty and executed all repairs. Ceramic coatings can be applied on metal roof materials to add heat-reflective properties. Most ceramic coatings are made from regular paint with ceramic beads mixed in as an additive.
The type and style of shingle roofing you choose have a significant impact on the overall price of your roof. Our team expertly installs asphalt roof shingles, metal roofing, and flat roof products, such as TPO roofing and EPDM roofing. In addition, we guarantee quick response times, including a 24-Hour Emergency Service and timely repairs using the highest quality materials. Global Roofing Group offers a no-cost evaluation to review maintenance or repair needs.
All the roof systems have different benefits and detailing so here is a good place to educate yourself with the different kinds of roof systems that are on the market. All the roof systems we fit are carried out as a licensed installer ensuring monitored quality and performance. We install flat roofing systems commercially and also on domestic dwellings throughout the UK. If you are in need of commercial roof repair, replacement or new roof installation, contact us to schedule a free inspection today! We provide quality services for commercial roofing systems in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Naples, Miami, Cape Coral, and throughout the surrounding area.